Tuesday, July 15, 2014

This Week's Exercises

Monday: Break

Tuesday: Strong Confidence Workout
Cardio: ZWOW 5
  • I ended up getting 20:32 with 5 pound weights.On some of the exercises near the end, I had to put the weights down because I felt a bit sick. But it was an awesome workout! I also got 12,12,12,12,11 for the Weighted Squat
  • On the ZWOW, I ended up getting around 4 rounds. I didn't write it down, but it was close to anywhere from 3 rounds and everything to the last round, or a little over 4.
Wednesday: Walking/hiking a college campus. This was quite strenuous because the hot Texas sun and a large campus equals major sweat. I was too tired to really do anything else

  • Today, I got 17:36 and was using 5 pound weights for everything. On the weighted side lunge step, I actually used 8 pound weights compared to last time. For the weighted squats, I got 13,14,13,13,12
  • Cardio: ZWOW 5
    • 4 rounds plus 10 burpees. I did better! Yay! 
    Friday- Belly Dancing for 20 minutes plus a warm up and cool down. 

    Saturday: Hiking and heavy cleaning. I cleaned a dirty shed and cleaned a house. And hiked outside. 

    Sunday: Hiking and cleaning again